About Us

WMS Mission Statement

"WMS is passionate about providing Character Education, ensuring student academic success and nurturing positive relationships.  Character Education is accomplished through quality instruction and Service Learning.  By expecting the most of every student, we intend to develop each student's confidence to rise to their full potential.  All WMS personnel actively seek to create caring relationships with students."  


About The School  

Welcome to Wendell Middle School!

Wendell Middle School is host to grades 5 - 8 and houses approximately 370 students. The middle school is guided by four main expectations for students; Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Honest, and Use Teamwork to accomplish goals. The students come to school everyday to learn and to emphasis that goal we have a strict dress code. But as students come in each day they look ready to to their job -to learn.  At WMS we know that a student's learning is improved if they do every assignment. Therefore, it is our goal to get every assignment, from every student, everyday. To do this we have a special program called ICU. This program allows us to communicate with students and parents each time an assignment is missing. Parents are informed via text messaging or phone call. We have time built into our schedule for students to receive Extra Help and Extra Practice every day if needed. We also have addtional time on specific Fridays to provide additional time to help students complete their assigned work. The middle school students also have access to the Community Learning Center Program which offers additional help with school as well as activities to enrich the students' lives. The Community Learning Center Program offers assistance before school, after school and on Fridays. If you are new to the area please ask about this program if you are interested. At Wendell Middle School we love to learn and understand that learning can happen when questions get answered, so we welcome your question. Please feel free to call or stop by and allow us to learn with you. 

Twitter Account: 

The twitter handle is WenMSTrojans
The web address should be https://twitter.com/WenMSTrojans