Connor, Kevin Counselor
Jadwin, Brian Principal

Anderson, Jessica 8th Grade Math Teacher
Andrews, Marian 5th Grade Math Teacher
Anthony, Maryanne 5th Grade English Teacher
Bender, Sarah 7th Grade Math Teacher
Bonawitz, Dani 6th Grade English Teacher
Cerda, Victoria Computer Lab Instructional Aide
Ciocca, Trina Health & P.E. Teacher
Connor, Kevin Counselor
Fogelsong, Mechelle Library/Media Specialist
Herman, Aleasa 5th Grade Science/Social Studies Teacher
Jenks, Ivy Special Education Teacher
Kuka, Dan 6th Grade Math Teacher
Lancaster, Camille 7th Grade English Teacher
Lancaster, Hannah 8th Grade English Teacher
McDonald, Jayme 6th Grade Reading Teacher
Moore, Robert 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher and 7th Grade Eastern Geography
Nebeker, Jennifer 7th Grade Science Teacher
Oden, Stacey Title I Teacher
Richman, Ann 7th Grade Reading Teacher
Smith, Wendy 8th Grade Science Teacher
Sund, Jim 6th Grade Science Teacher

Cerda, Victoria Computer Lab Instructional Aide
Clapp, Brandi Secretary
Diaz, Melodi Paraprofessional
Prestwich, Juanita Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Reitsma, Carey Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Rice, Kathy Title I Paraprofessional
Schwendiman, Bob Special Ed. Paraprofessional
Silva, Grace Secretary and ESL Paraprofessional
Wise, Melissa Head Secretary